Welcome. I’m Jennifer Elliot, MFA, CCHt. Former professional Dominatrix. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Writer. And I am the proprietress of Kink Coaching, where I utilize the art of compassionate discipline to help clients improve their lives.

Creating positive change is profound work. So often, it takes more than just a desire to do something different. While that desire has to be there at the beginning, often we do things we don’t know we are doing that get in our own way.

Since you’re here, I will bet you’re ready to look into the patterns that have been holding you back from actualizing your desires. It’s a bit of detective work to find out what is pulling your strings. That’s what I help my clients do. We let that guide process guide what follows.

If it’s not as simple as just doing that thing you want to do, and sticking to it, then something deeper is going on. And without that awareness, how do you expect to change for good?

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