My job as your coach is to  help you wake up and change. To do this, I draw on a rather unique background, which has inspired my novel approach, blending compassionate encouragement with cutting edge science… and a dash of the mischievous.

For five years, I was your friendly neighborhood professional Dominatrix. As a Domme, I helped explore many a territory that my clients held in secret. My role was to offer an open-hearted safe place for my clients to explore, and push into territory that held something powerful for them. This is what I discovered:

vulnerability + surrender to the present moment x a trusted, whip wielding partner = insight and empowerment

My work, then and now, is not just about an erotic experience, but about owning and living this part of who we are so we can be ALL of who we are.

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I am also a certified hypnotherapist. It doesn’t mean I can just snap my fingers and you’re instantly thin, or have that completed novel, or changed any bad habit that was decades in the making. It is, however, a great way to converse with the subconscious, that place in our minds that holds our emotions, reactions, and the power to create change in our lives. It’s the energy that fuels our passions and desires. Or, it’s what blocks us from them.

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Combining domination and hypnosis as a coach and motivator, I have lots of creative tricks to make this process fun and rewarding for you. It’s now time for you to stop beating yourself up over not making these changes, and surrender to this process. Meeting a goal can be challenging enough, so I won’t be beating you up. Instead, it’s your self-sabotaging habits and behaviors I will be whipping into shape. While this may not be what you’d expect from a kink coach, I come to it wisely from my studies in the field of discipline and endurance. Once we re-set your inner compass and dissolve the blocks that likely have been around for a long time, it’s time to promote accountability, that exacting Mistress, and Her venerable sidekick, compassion.

The gift I bring from all those hours playing rough and digging deep is to support and encourage you through the hard parts of this journey, because that’s how we’ll know we are getting somewhere real. I look forward to beginning with you.