Life Coaching

I help clients change habits and meet goals. To do this in a way that creates lasting results takes more than just vowing once again to do things differently. My program is different. It’s about finding the blocks – those “kinks” in your consciousness, if you will. You know the ones. The things you do that keep you at arm’s length from your desired outcome. I’ll help you outsmart your own mind and its unconscious strategies that keep you from losing the weight – and keeping it off. Or, writing the novel – and finishing it. Whatever your goal is, this process works to help you achieve it.

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Like building a house that won’t blow down with the next gust of wind, we have to build a strong structure from the ground up before the new behaviors – the stuff that makes you live your dreams – have a place to call home. And you’ll have a very skilled, and wickedly creative motivator to help you stay focused.

This work we will do together will be profound. My method is based on the research of psychologists to gain insight about what you’re doing that isn’t working so you can start to change to what does, and many tools from my work as a Domme and hypnotherapist. Here is what your program includes.

I’m glad that you already acknowledge that long term habits didn’t show their effects in your life overnight so why would one expect the reversal to happen that way? This isn’t about changing what you do – if it were, you wouldn’t be here. It’s about changing how you think.

So tell me, what do you desire to bring into your life?