This work, like so many things, is best done when committed to the process. I have designed packages to foster this intention. Everything starts with a free phone consultation once you send in your Contact form.

My package sessions include:

  • meetings by video (Google chat, FaceTime, Skype) and/or phone
  • check-ins via email and phone in between meetings
  • worksheets and exercises that reveal your behind-the-scenes thinking
  • creative visualization exercises meant to drill down into your desires and find clues to realizing them
  • a customized plan to help you actualize your goals and track progress
  • rewards and accountability to help motivate you practice living the life you want

Sessions aren’t necessarily limited to a 60-minute schedule in one sitting; we can prorate and use minutes flexibly (i.e. Package A could be weekly half-hour phone or video meetings, with the inclusions listed above. So yes, do the math and figure that you’re only investing $75 a week or less for a program that changes the rest of your life.)

All packages are customizable in this way.

Package A
2 one-hour sessions
$150 per session, total: $300
Package B
4 one-hour sessions
$140 per session, total: $560
Package C
6 one-hour sessions
$130 per session, total: $780
Package D
8 one-hour sessions
$120 per session, total: $960