Sex Coaching

Did you know that the majority of the population admits to some interest in BDSM? If you’re here, you are not alone. We’ll start out by discussing in depth what your desires are and plan together on how to make them happen. Kink can be a telescope into deep psychological, emotional, spiritual places. Let’s go there.

  • I’ll give you tips and techniques for bringing power exchange into your relationship, bringing in new practices in a heart-centered, loving way
  • Tops: use love and connection even in the most sadistic of scenes… deal with your emotions in a heart and head conscious way… get into the submissive mind to become the dominant of their dreams… learn to be worshipped, to truly receive
  • Bottoms: surrender with love, connection, consciousness… incorporate and gain confidence from your emotions… deepen subspace… communicate where you want to go, and how you like to get there… learn to worship, truly give
  • I train couples and play partners to pleasure each other and embrace and harmonize their respective kinks… how to negotiate a scene… what to do when it’s over… and how to keep a connection throughout
  • I love to help singles own their perveriness with confidence and to manifest a relationship that can honor it
  • Learn how to negotiate a scene from the inside out – knowing your desires and limits so you can play in a heart and head conscious way
  • For those who are experienced, expand your intelligent edges, deepen your scenes with artistry and soul
  • Issues and dynamics specific to polyamorous groups, i.e. facing jealousy and anxiety with compassion, understanding and communicating needs and boundaries, to name a few
  • “Why am I kinky?” Or poly, or sub, or trans, etc…. we will create imaginative inroads exploring your desires so that you may incorporate them more fully into your life and identity
  • Increasing and enhancing pleasure and orgasmic potential, i.e. female ejaculation and male ejaculatory choice, and non-ejaculate orgasms
  • Learn how to cultivate and master multiple orgasms
  • Aftercare: things that come up post-scene can engender a wealth of awareness about oneself with guidance on deconstructing and integrating such deeply subconscious, primal material

kink coaching sex coaching online

If I had to say the one thing I teach, it’s headspace.  And how do you teach headspace? It’s something you experience, something you feel.  Headspace is the mind orgasm you get from power exchange play.

Let your imagination run wild… I’ll catch it.