An evolved life brings healing to others based on life experiences, education, compassion and empathy. Fine tuning energy opens pathways to growth, understanding, and wisdom. I have experienced all of these gifts contained within my professional relationship with Jennifer. Be this the work I have done with her or witnessed by those I have referred… I highly recommend her.
Lawrence Weckbaugh
For nearly 5 years and through a myriad of life events, Jennifer served as my therapist, coach and mentor. She is all of the things that you want to find in a great coach; an excellent listener, a careful thinker, a skillful teacher, and a consummate professional. She consistently provided a safe and nurturing environment for me to unpack all the baggage in my head. With her guidance and encouragement I was able to bring clarity to the patterns in my life that make me unhappy and determine a clear course of action to make changes. I’m a bit of a contrarian, and maybe even a difficult client, but Jennifer was always exceedingly patient and kind with me. Ultimately, my work with Jennifer was a tremendously positive, helpful experience.
Eric W.
You are not only an amazing Domme, which you truly are, but a wonderful, deep, caring person. It’s quite a remarkable combination.
You are one that has compassion and intelligence along with the inclusion of a flair for Discipline. There is just nothing more powerful than the wonderful imagination to get us excited.